Saturday, March 25, 2006


Well, fell back on that ancient showbiz rule. When in a pinch for a movie-related Jpeg file, go with the toilet scene from Lethal Weapon 2. Everybody wins!
Meanwhile, I forgot one of the most important, Latest and Greatest, films on the movie horizon, and no, it's not the long touted Wild Wild West sequel. It is, in fact, Nacho Libre (aka School of Rock 2) starring Jack Black. It's the sophomore project of the Napoleon Dynamite team; looks like they got nothing else on their plate, so everything's riding on this one! Could be too much pressure for some. Here's hoping they don't go the way of the Farrellys, heh heh... Don't do it, Jeff!!!
In other news, they trotted out that old footage of one of them bridges getting blowed up good in True Lies, and Tom Arnold saying "Bingo!" They blew a grand opportunity to show Ah-nold saying "Put me through to the White House", but maybe that's just me. But that's how it works here: you can blow up the bridges, but can't let Cuban people cross it. You may disagree with what Fidel Castro says, but you gotta admit he's one vivacious old man! He'll out-live us all. Make him President of the AARP as well.
Anyway, this news story caught my attention, about a teenage film crew filming a hostage sequence at a local post office. No downside, right? Right, except for the part where the police take it for real, and surround the post office. Dang! Even after the local postmaster gave the kids permission and everything. Awk-warrrrrrrd! The film is called Rolling Thunder, and Devon Menendez, the film's director says he's not accepting any more offers to direct. Hey, kid, keep your chin up! Your career can get better! At least you're not in Bronwen Hughes territory. Or, worse yet, Matthew Meshekoff-Land. Or, perhaps even worse, Humpty Dumpty-ville. The first rule of the DGA... you DO NOT DIS THE DGA!!!

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