Thursday, March 09, 2006

A Post-Oscar America

Well, there you have it. The Red States' description of Hollywood has come to pass: a Godless hell-hole where gays and minorities and all the other usual wrong people run things in defiance of the one true lord... oh, wait. Brokeback Mountain didn't win! It was CRASH. For best picture, a red state favourite, obviously. Personally I think it should've won for Best Ensemble Cast. That should be a new Oscar. In any case, that's my new system for picking the Oscars, the 1 to 5 system. I called a few of them on the nose, didn't think March of the Penguins had the legs to go all the way, but it did! Thankfully, the box office returns do matter to the Oscar electorate. And Rupert Murdoch's opinion on the matter.
What else happening? Madea? Seriously? They had an ad for 16 Blocks anyway calling it the #1 movie. I think Madea should bitch-slap that movie again, maybe sue. If only Johnny Cochran were still alive.
Well, gotta keep this short. But before I go, I leave you with a still from this new series of VW commercials featuring my man Peter Stormare! What can I say, I like 'em. Would I like 'em if I wasn't a Coen brothers fan? I just don't contemplate those kind of situations, which is why I'm just not in charge of things like who wins the Oscars.

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