Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Oscars, part 2

In Oscar-related news, the Israelis ask the Oscars to drop the Palestinian film "Paradise Now". If that doesn't work, the Mossad will take care of it.
Anyway, a little clip-let from Matrix 2, which everyone knows is really the best one. I'm torn, though: is this good composition, artiste-wise, or just pragmatical? I mean, how many of these Guy Pearces can you fit onto one screen? I mean, Elronds? Looks like he's doing the much anticipated sequel to Big Fish. Neat!
Okay, back to the awards. Best Short Film, Live Action: I'm going with Six Shooter, since everyone's expecting a Brokeback sweep. Besides, who wants to try to pronounce all those Dutch names for a short film, anyway? Too much hassle. Best Short Film, Animated: My money's on The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello, if only because the electorate will think it has to do with The March of the Penguins. And to kiss up to George Lucas.
Best Music: Pride and Prejudice. Well, Brokeback can't win everything! Besides, it adds tension for the big finale.
Best Song: Tough one to call, but I think it depends on what Dolly Parton's wearing. She may split the vote. I think it'll ultimately go to Hustle & Flow. Besides, it says that Crash was from 2004! What a rip!
Best makeup: Cinderella Man. People just don't like fantasy anymore, especially in this jaded Oscar electorate. People want realism, damn it!

Okay, that's enough for now. Only four days left to place your wagers, Oscar-niks!

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